« Cuckoon » from the CD « Vol d’oiseaux » (Jean Pascal Boffo – 2016)
Lyrics : Aurore Reichert ( with the help of Shane Lawes )
Music : Jean Pascal Boffo / Aurore Reichert

Video : imOOmi

with the precious help from :
Anne and Marc ( )
Mathieu Jaeb : scenery (the big nest…)
Stéphanie Wood : Alessia’s make up and hair dressing
Julie Siegler : the mask
Cheikh Sow

filmed in Ancy-sur-Moselle, Chatel-Saint-Germain and Novéant (France)

Vocals : Alessia Wood
Drums, percussions : Hervé Rouyer
Saxes and flutes : Pierre Cocq Amann
Backing vocals and whistling : Aurore Reichert
Guitars and bass : Jean Pascal Boffo

Lyrics (Aurore Reichert, with the help from Shane Lawes) :
I’m just a little cuckoo
who’d like to be a better bird
I’d liked to have the answers
To the questions that I’ve heard
Why did mum leave me here?
Would be one that I would ask
If I turn to ask my nestlings
It is something they don’t grasp
Even though I love my nestlings
I would like to leave the nest
As I hear a crazy song
Beating freedom from my chest
Its rhythm is like magic
Turning nature upon its head
I’m just a little cuckoo
and my old nature is dead
I will make my own cocoon
A nest for every wing
A cocoon as big as the moon
A place for everything!
Today, everyone sings
The nest for every wing
was made by a little cuckoo
and it’s a place for everything
Today, every bird sings
It’s a little cuckoo
to make a nest for every wing
A cockoon as big as the moon
Hello peekaboo !…

Recorded by Sébastien Tondo & Jean Pascal Boffo
Studio Purple Sheep (Saint Genis L’Argentière)
Studio Amper (Clouange)

Mixed at Studio Amper by Jean Pascal Boffo

Mastered at Studio Voltaire (Cuvergnon) by Hubert Marniaud